'When every part of the machine is correctly adjusted and in perfect harmony, health will hold dominion over the human organism by laws as natural and immutable as the laws of gravity'

A.T. Still MD. founder of Osteopathy 1874

Now Available over three convenient locations.

Welcoming Joss Moore to The Osteopaths.

Joss and I first met in 2002 when I was one of her tutors on her Masters of Osteopathy course at Unitec.


Joss was one of the first New Zealand trained osteopaths to graduate with a Masters in Osteopathy in 2003.

17 years later we are excited to be teaming up! A new chapter for Joss working In Matakana and providing more options and availability for our clients at The Osteopaths.

Joss brings a similar working style to my own providing a dynamic structural approach as well as offering cranial osteopathy.

Joss is available for appointments at our Matakana office and now form Algies Bay.

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Massage Therapy

musculoskeletal pain

Recurrent pain that affects your day to day living shouldn't be ignored.

Osteopathy treats the whole body for head to toe.

Clients are often surprised how quickly we can resolve long standing issues in feet, knees, hips, wrists and arms as well as the more common back pains.

musculoskeletal pain

Sports Injury

sports injury

Whether you are an exercise regular, trying something new or a first timer, injuries can happen.

When we ask our bodies to preform a new task we often find areas that aren't functioning as well as they could and cause pain. This is where osteopathy can help to optimize your bodies flexibility and function.

sports injury

Close up head portrait of young woman having facial massage in spa. Therapist doing head m

musculoskeletal pain

headache and migraine


Headaches can occur for many reasons. If your headache is reoccurring or lasting for a long period of time it could be down to  musculoskeletal or postural dysfunction. other causes of headaches include jaw clenching, Stress, poor breathing mechanics dehydration and pre-menstrual.

headache and migraine

Elderly Woman at Gym

Growing older 

Getting older is such a gift and here at the osteopaths we want to help to maintain your health as you age and keep you preforming to your optimum.

some clients find their bodies complain when doing physical tasks they used to do easily.

As we get older it is a good idea to follow the little and often rule. pace yourself, take  breaks and stretching out after physical activity.

we are here to help if a niggle becomes a persistent pain and keep you doing the things you love.

Exercising with Baby

mother and baby


It's a special time and we love helping expectant mothers through their pregnancy and making sure everything is functioning as well as it could be for the birth.

Post birth we can help with any recovery mum may need as well as aches and pains as your body adjusts to feeding and carrying your baby.

Cranial osteopathy is a safe gentle treatment we uses assist with any compressive birth strain baby may have experienced that may be causing unsettled sleeping or feeding patterns.

Wrist Brace

pre- post surgery

pre and post surgery

Any surgery is trauma to the body and the way your musculoskeletal system reacts to it is to contract. so before resuming normal activities we advise our clients to have those tissues relaxed, Joints realigned and tensions normalized so you can get back to doing what you love safely.

The success of your surgery can depend on the time you put into your recovery.

mother and baby

growing older

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